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I am always happy to hear from blog readers. (Actually ecstatic...) Lately I haven't found a book that really excites me and I'm tired of being so negative, so the following review reinforced my usual optimistic outlook.

MONICA G. from Naples, Florida often contributes to this blog. Her recent review of HEADING OUT TO WONDERFUL by Robert Goolrick is a positive one.


"I just finished reading "Heading out to Wonderful" by Robert Goolrick. I enjoyed it because of its uniqueness. It is set in rural America and tells the tale of a man who shows up in a small town and how he ultimately affects everyone.

It showed prejudice, passion and love, a lovely and touching relationship between the main character, Charlie Beale and the young boy in the book, Sam which I think ultimately changed the boy's life forever.

The Church played a prominent role in the lives of the townspeople and the main character, Charlie Beale. It demonstrated how people are so influenced by their church that they disregard their own instincts and often make disasterous choices.

On another level, passion for a woman led to complications and relationships were exposed and changed.

I enjoyed this book as the characters felt realistic and well developed. HEADING OUT TO WONDERFUL depicted, in a powerful way, how prejudice, obsession and small town morals can affect lives."

Robert Goolrick is the author of The Reliable Wife. For more information about the author go to his website.

To access an earlier review posted on 06/07/2012), type HEADING OUT TO WONDERFUL in the Search Box at the top of this blog. 

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