Yes, it's my anniversary....well, not really....It's Joyce's Choices anniversary!

A year ago I wrote my first post..I was happy to have a few followers (all family) and maybe a handful of readers(also family). I knew nothing about blogging. (And still have a lot to learn.)

But now I have over 16,000 page views and over 100 followers.(Go figure.) Reading has always been a joy for me and I can blab all I want about it and no one looks bored..because, of course I don't see you.

I'm thankful for all the knowledge I gained about blogging..mostly from all the tireless bloggers out there, especially  those at  www.Bookblogs.ning.com who are always so willing to share their skills and ideas. And what would I do without my BFF Google?

And a special thankyou to my friend Marlene P. who initially pushed me into this, and wants to know why I'm not making any money!! 

Hopefully you'll continue to read the blog, maybe leave a comment, or at least check in every so often and please don't take it too seriously...except for the non- fiction and memoirs!


  1. Congratulations! Here's looking forward to another year! :)

  2. Thanks so much!! Hopefully the coming year will bring great reads, good health and more good blogs for all of us!

  3. "please don't take it too seriously"

    Every day I try not to take anything too seriously, but it's a struggle sometimes.

    Good wishes for your next year.

  4. Thanks so much.. I agree with your sentiments..that's why I want my blog to be fun and lighthearted and a bit of an escape..like reading.