HE'S DA MAN!!! (11/21/2012)


Ok.. enough with the street talk.. David Baldacci was on  a morning show today.. Cocky, self-assured, smart and a hunk..but that's irrelevant.

He's touting his new thriller, THE FORGOTTEN  featuring his  favorite character, John Puller, a military cop. Baldacci claims this book focuses on a very timely subject and that readers will not be able to put it down. (He's humble too....)

My experience with Baldacci is uneven, but obviously there is a public for his books.. I'm annoyed that the e-book is $14.99..the hardcover is 65 cents more on Amazon..but that's another story.

It sounds like a good book to take on vacation..or not....I'll be posting a review soon..once I get over my attitude. 

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