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Another summer read, but this one is a social satire that takes place in New England and focuses on a summer wedding. The characters are shallow stereotypes and author Maggie Shipstead paints a witty picture of preppy drama at its best.  (Remember Prep by Curtis Sittenfeld?)

The blog reader who shared this information found the book to be entertaining, humorous and surprisingly well written for a frothy first novel.

The story is told by the "father of the bride," a lecherous old man and to say it's a fun read is an understatement...although it's not all fun and games. There's some serious issues....

SEATING ARRANGEMENTS is basically a well written book about a lot of cliche people. Take it to the beach and take with a grain of salt...or sand.

Maggie Shipstead is a writer of short fiction. She is a graduate of the Iowa's Writer's Workshop and the recipient of the Stegner Fellowship from Stanford University. SEATING ARRANGEMENTS is her first novel.

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