WHAT HAPPENED TO JOHN?....(06/07/2012)

I wanted to really like IN ONE PERSON by John Irving. I couldn't wait for the release date.  Critics raved about it..interviews with the author were all positive.. What happened?
Simply put, it's a complete bore..

I have been reading John Irving all my life and Irving has given us some fabulous books but this is not one of them.

The subject matter is a timely one and  Irving always writes about people who are eccentric and different. So what's the problem? In this case you don't care about the characters, the story drags, and the repitition is endless..

Goodbye for now John Irving..you may be brilliant and cute too..and maybe you needed a gay man to help you write this...or maybe a younger  voice...

Just my opinion...Write a comment if you disagree...or agree...

 BOOK RATING:    !!  Just OK

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