BEAUTIFUL RUINS (06/20/2012)

Here's another summer read that is likely to hold your interest ...a bit of a farce, but smartly written.

BEAUTIFUL RUINS by Jess Walter has been highly praised by several blog readers. It's quirky, fun and has a Hollywood bent to it. A reviewer labeled it "a novel shot in technicolor".....

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(A blurred photo depicting blurred lives)

Flawed characters, love, loss, and hope combine to make BEAUTIFUL RUINS a witty and  very brash novel. Inventive is an apt word to describe this surprising book.

The tale begins in the early sixties in Italy and spans fifty years. What unfolds is a plethura of unforgettable characters: the  well preserved producer, the starstruck Italian Innkeeper, a long-lost love, and even  a cameo by Richard Burton.

Chapters go back and forth in time and what unfolds is a story of tangled lives and broken dreams.

I probably won't give BEAUTIFUL RUINS a rating as it's not a book that appeals to me...but Jess Walter is an accomplished author and his novels are usually worth reading. (By someone else)


Author Jess Walter is the recipient of the Edgar Award for CITIZEN VINCE and a National Book Award Finalist for THE ZERO. He resides in Spokane, Washington.

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