FILLIAL BONDS (06/28/2012)

The following June release received favorable reviews. It's an eccentric and gently funny novel. Characters are bitter and angry and dysfunction runs  rampant.....Definetly not a beach read.

THE RED HOUSE by Mark Haddon is a "Virginia Wolfe-esque" type novel. The story focuses on eight characters, all blended family...all resentful, all kind of pathetic but still somewhat endearing.

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It's an uncomfortable mix, but THE RED HOUSE is a genuine exploration of serious family drama. The characters are not likeable, although you might recognize a relative or two... and the unique structure of the novel can be confusing.(A little too much stream of conciousness for some readers....)

I loved The Curious Incident of the Dog in the Night Time by Haddon but you can't compare the two books. THE RED HOUSE is dour and the writing can be bizarre..on the other hand if you're looking for some good old family angst, this novel is for you. 

Mark Haddon is the author of the international best sellers, A Spot of Bother and The Curious Incident of the Dog in the Night Time. He is the recipient of the Whitebread Book of the Year Award,  and the Los Angeles Times Book Prize for First Fiction. Haddon has also written and illustrated numerous award winning children's books and television screenplays.


  1. The Red House looks interesting, another one to add to my Amazon "books to read wish list." Thanks for the great scouting, Joyce.

  2. Let me know your opinion after you've read it...Also I have a new feature you might be interested in ...speaking of scouting...check out LOOK WHAT'S TRENDING at the top of the blog. and up coming releases....