Are you a history buff...or just like to party? Here's a good excuse..the 200th anniversary of the War of 1812... It's a national celebration! (You didn't know that?)

In honor of this anniversary, GHS, a resident blog reviewer and expert when it comes to finance, baseball and history has a timely recommendation.. SIX FRIGATES by  Ian W. Toll

GHS says;
I stumbled upon SIX FRIGATES when searching for a title that would satisfy two interests—early American history and adventure on the high seas in the age of sail. What I found was a real gem!

I had never heard of the author (I think it’s his first book) and itunes (the site I search for e-books) had no reader reviews at all. So, I took a chance and never looked back.

SIX FRIGATES by Ian W. Toll tells the story of the founding of the US Navy. There were (you guessed it) six ships that were commissioned in 1794 (all but one was personally named by George Washington). To spread the economic benefits, each ship was constructed in six naval yards throughout the country (very similar to military appropriations of today).

All six ships (The United States, President, Congress, Constitution, Constellation and Chesapeake) were built using the most modern techniques and became the most lethal in their battle class—yet fast enough to outrun bigger ships of the line.

SIX FRIGATES covers the quasi war with France (1798-1800), the war with the Barbary States (1801-1805) and the war of 1812 as well as the people that made these ships a legendary part of American history.

Reviewers said "Wonderfully atmospheric...brilliantly researched..a grand tale"

Ian W. Toll is an independent naval historian. SIX FRIGATES won broad acclaim worldwide and the recipient of several prestigious awards.

You won't want to say "Frig it" to this book..Especially history lovers!
GHS's Rating:  !!! Great Read! Would read more by this author...


  1. I am really a history buff and my favorite period is Revolutionary America. I tend to blog on a fair amount of books from that era too. The Quasi war with France played an important and interesting part in the careers of many of the Founding Fathers.

    I saw this in the store and almost picked it up. Your post is making me consider going back for it.

    There was also a recent very good documentary on PBS recently covering the war of 1812. http://www.pbs.org/wned/war-of-1812/

  2. Thanks for your comment Brian.. GHS, really liked this book and actually read another which I will be posting soon. His favorite period is similar to yours and I rely on him to satisfy the history buffs like you.
    Thankyou for the PBS documentary info.. It will help me get a better insight into this period.