READER OPINIONS (06/12/2012)

Several blog readers contacted me expressing opinions regarding some of the books included on Joyce's Choices.

The New York Times didn't contact me, but had high praise for CANADA by Richard Ford. It was highlighted on the cover of the Sunday Book Review. I just started it and will keep you updated.

Blog reader, CR from York, Maine found THE LOWER RIVER by Paul Theroux to be a vivid and compelling tale. 

SG of Brattleboro, Vermont was not a fan of IN ONE PERSON by John Irving, although she thought it was well written.

Brian Joseph, a blog writer and history buff was interested in SIX FRIGATES by Ian W. Toll. His comment appears under When Was the War of 1812? Scroll down...

To access the above mentioned books, click on the title in the Book Index on the Sidebar.

UPDATE: I am half way through CANADA by Richard excellent book, beautifully written...can't wait to get back to it.

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