MARIE ANTOINETTE, You Never Disappoint! (06/15/2012)

A new book titled THE QUEEN'S LOVER by Francine du Plessix Gray focuses on one of history's all time greatest love stories. The secret romance between Marie Antoinette and Count Axel Von Ferson is an achingly heart wrenching tale re-created over the course of the French Revolution.

This novel is expertly researched and told with great imagery. It has everything- suspense, intrigue, love, sex, tragedy and an inside look at the French royal family.. but there are flaws..(in the family and the book..)

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The author does a great job of painting the political scene of the time period,  but there are too many facts and the characters are not that well developed...
But so what.. Marie Antoinette is a hot floozie! You'll learn some history and be entertained at the same time. A good summer read...

Francine Du Plessix Gray is a regular contributor to The New Yorker Magazine and the author of numerous books of fiction and nonfiction. She lives in Connecticut.


  1. This book looks interesting. A couple of years ago I did a fair amount of reading on the French Revolution. I do not much about the relationship between Marie Antoinette and Count Axel Von Ferson. However I do think that Antoinette , while far from perfect is a very unfairly maligned character in history. Her life and actions are not just interesting, but she certainly had positive attributes.

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    Hi Brian
    Thanks for the feedback and the links to the tall ships! Last summer I was at the Constitution here in Boston when a friend was getting sworn in as a US citizen. It was wonderful!


  3. I hope readers find the Marie Antoinette book interesting. I try to include a little bit of fun and fluff along with the serious stuff...I agree she had a lot more depth than people realize.