WORD OF MOUTH (12/05/2012)

In this Word of Mouth post you'll find mini reviews and comments from blog readers, unedited, blunt and combative, but I'm so excited to get  feedback, who cares!


This is a peek into the life of Burton through actual diary entries. He writes with passion about his life..especially with Liz. If you're looking for some juicy details of the Liz and Dick Saga, this is for you. 
Two blog readers were surprised at the quality of his writing and found it  to be a "sensitive depiction of his daily life."
They thought it would be a great gift for the right person but also said "You can just read the juicy parts." 

ZOO TIME by Howard Jacobson         

The plot, which is loosely built concerns an aging novelist married to a beautiful woman but lusting after her mother.(Oy vay..) He's trying to write a book which leads to a long diatribe about the changes in publishing etc. etc....Mixed reviews for this Man Booker Prizewinning British author's newest book.

Three blog readers gave it a thumbs down...actually they said they hated it and didn't want to elaborate.

TELEGRAPH AVENUE by Michael Chabon

Reviewers called this "an amazingly rich, emotionally detailed story that depicts a specific moment in time."
Two blog readers called it "wordy, hard to get into, and a chore to read."
If you are a devout Chabon fan, you may be more tolerant...otherwise the concensus was "it's a big disappointment."

I hope to add more quick reviews, so keep them coming. If you're not sure how to reach me, click on FIND ME at the top of the blog and you can always leave a comment below.

Reminder: Books can be ordered by using the Amazon Search Box in the Sidebar. After reading the above comments, why bother? Well, maybe Liz and Dick would be fun...just sayin' 

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