WHAT AM I READING? (12/10/2012)

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Because I am traveling soon, I thought I would start a book then continue reading it on the plane. For me a "plane-worthy" book has to be totally engrossing, pleasurable, and completely tune out my surroundings. (I'm not a relaxed flyer as you probably guessed.)

SWIMMING HOME by Deborah Levy was shortlisted for the Booker Prize and sounded like a good "seatmate."

Unfortunately I didn't check the number of pages and probably would finish the book before arrival...not a good thing...  

 A story of unusual and complex characters renting a villa in France that escalates into something else. Yes, they're all depressed and unstable... Sounds like my kind of book!

Too short for my impending flight, SWIMMING HOME is a mesmerizing small novel, but I'll read it later. I'm now looking for my next "in flight book." Keep tuned...

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Author Deborah Levy can be found at: Http://www.deborahlevy.co.uk


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