Here's the perfect gift suggestion for the TV watcher in your life...and the kindle version is a steal at $7! 

THE REVOLUTION WAS TELEVISED by TV Critic Alan Sepinwall delves into the history of the TV series from the origin to the present. Using quotes and interviews with the people involved, an  authentic vivid history is created. 

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Everything from Mad Men, The Wire, The Sopranos, Breaking Bad and so many more are dissected and analyzed.

This is a fun read and one you can pick up at will. A reviewer said "You will want to get back and re-watch every show mentioned with these new thoughts in mind." 

The author and critic, Alan Sepinwall is known to have changed the nature of television reviews during his 20 year career.  Catch his blog, What's Alan Watching on

For the TV Junkie this is a no-brainer, definetly the perfect gift.


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