This was my favorite reading spot while on a recent vacation. Even though two of the three books I read were disappointing, it made them tolerable. Why these surroundings?

SWIMMING HOME by Deborah Levy    

I felt like a detached observer throughout this small novel. It's a convoluted story of people on holiday when a stranger unexpectedly joins them...complications can imagine the rest.. 

Written by British playwright, Deborah Levy, SWIMMING HOME was shortlisted for the Man Booker Prize. I couldn't wait to read this novel but found it disappointing and predictable in spite of its well written prose.

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This book is not for everyone but definetly for me! It's funny, sexy, political and well written...need I say more? Well, yes..

The not so nice main character, Harold Silver (A Nixon expert) finds his life runs amok after his brother kills three people in an auto accident. Harold becomes involved with his brother's family and all hell breaks loose..dysfunction galore, murder, and lots of black humor. This is high drama mixed with outrageous  fast paced situations and A. M. Homes kept me engaged throughout. 

MAY WE BE FORGIVEN is a mad, sad, clever, blatant, cannot put down, crazy ride...Never a dull moment and I loved every minute.

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LIFE AMONG GIANTS by Bill Roorbach

Labeled a mystery, LIFE AMONG GIANTS is slow moving and repetitive. The story is told through a young man's eyes after witnessing the murders of his parents when he's seventeen. It continues through middle age as he and his unstable sister attempt to make sense of their tragedy.

The book moves back and forth over decades revealing secrets and more secrets..characters and more characters.. focusing on a mysterious ballerina who is involved in every sub plot..introducing celebrities and rock stars...Enough already!

I felt no concern for any of the characters and kept hoping it would get better...It didn't.

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(Don't tell him I sent you...)

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