THE BLACK BOX (12/24/2012)

December is a slow month for new book releases, but January will welcome many new titles.  Always check out "Look What's Trending" at the top of this page for previews of future releases.

In the meantime we can always depend on a Michael Connelly thriller to keep us connected. He's the consummate author that can "keep a character evolving and continue to produce a page turning police procedural novel."

In THE BLACK BOX, the impatient detective Harry Bosch returns and Connelly weaves an exciting tale as Bosch pursues the death of a Danish photojournalist. Reviewers call THE BLACK BOX vintage Connelly...forceful, brisk and fast paced.

Take a shopping break and read this page-turner. You'll be on a rollercoaster ride you won't forget.

An American author of detective novels and crime fiction, Michael Connelly's books have been translated into 36 languages and have garnered him innumerable awards. Many have been adapted into film. For more author info:

Michael Connelly often appears as himself on the TV show, Castle.

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