A blog reader recommended WHATEVER HAPPENED TO SOPHIE WILDER and so did the New York Times. Here's a review....

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Christopher R. Beha has written a first novel and it has been labeled "an auspicious debut." It's short, intellectual and moving. Gina B., a blog follower and voracious reader called this novel a "definetly should read."

WHAT HAPPENED TO SOPHIE WILDER is a touching story of two vivid characters, moral dilemmas and personal tragedy but the outstanding feature is the prose. Reviewers labeled Beha's words the work of a "master craftsman."

Gina B. found she was "unable to skip a single sentence and devoured the book in a day." WHAT HAPPENED TO SOPHIE WILDER is a multilayered, emotional fictional debut by an author whose writing is unpretentious and thoughtful.

Christopher R. Beha is an associate editor at Harper's Magazine and the author of the memoir, THE WHOLE FIVE FEET. He is a New York Times book review contributor.

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