BOOK ALERT! (07/22/2012)

Book Alert!!!
Are you interested in new releases? What's coming out this Fall?  LOOK WHAT'S TRENDING at the top of the blog has inside info on titles soon to be released.   

Blog readers are also recommending books and you'll find the titles and brief descriptions listed below.

Joyce S. (not me)  highly recommended SILVER SPARROW by Tayari Jones. Now in paperback, the novel revolves around two families, the public one and the private one. "An absorbing novel with a vivid cast of characters"...

Blog reader Lillian G. praised THE BRIGHT RIVER by Patrick Somerville, a story of redemption as well as a well crafted mystery. Two characters on a "perilous personal journey cross paths in this richly funny engrossing novel."......

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If you have any book suggestions, please let me know.  Write a comment below or send me an email. Let's get interactive!!

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