WHAT AM I READING...OR NOT? (07/05/2012)

My Book Group selected HOUSE OF STONE by Anthony Shadid. It's an interesting selection as we haven't done a memoir, however it's extremely slow to engage....and that's putting it mildly! 

HOUSE OF STONE is a posthumous publication by the well known journalist Anthony Shadid and he writes in detail...in great detail... about rebuilding his house in Lebanon. There's lots more involved.. but like the house, I'm done. 

CANADA by Richard Ford

I had abandoned CANADA by Richard Ford after Part One. Am I the only person that didn't appreciate this book? I know it's beautifully written but  I found the work flat and often repetitive.. I'm giving it another try so stay tuned...
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GONE GIRL by Gillian Flynn

This is a tale of marital strife..barbed and brilliant. The writing is razor-sharp and it's an ingenious thriller. Scroll down for more about GONE GIRL or click on the BOOK INDEX.

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