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Remember LITTLE BEE by Chris Cleave? Well, GOLD is his new one..another fast paced emotionally rewarding book. It's a story of athletes, sacrifice and determination. Three  characters are intertwined in a riviting story of Olympic bicycle racing.

GOLD by Chris Cleave is also a story of friendship. Lots of back stories about the characters complicate the current dilemmas and there's an abundance of dramatic dilemmas.

ALthough GOLD doesn't live up to CLeave's first book in terms of originality, it's  an interesting read, and well written. Like bike racing, it moves at a quick pace but.... with several stops in between.

Chris Cleave
Chris Cleave is the author of LITTLE BEE written in 2009. It was  a number one New York Times Bestseller. Cleave resides in Kingston-on Thames, England with his wife and family. 

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