HOLOGRAM FOR A KING (07/14/2012)


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Barbara A, a friend on Goodreads wrote this review of HOLOGRAM FOR THE KING, a new book by by Dave Eggers. I thought it was worth posting.

Barbara wrote:

First things first: I love Dave Eggers's work and admire all that he has done as a writer, publisher, public intellectual, social commentator, brother, savior, and believer in the the power of books.

I also loved the physical book itself. Holding the beautifully textured linen cover of 'Hologram' was great. Incised and dusted with gold, its feel was a tactile pleasure not often found in today's reading universe, and it was a marvelously apt visual image for the story within.

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Ah, but the story within: an admixture of Scherazade ; Waiting for Godot; Death of a Salesman; Lost Horizon; Moby Dick; and the biblical stories of Jonah and Job---with a little Emerson, Thoreau and Michael Moore thrown in just to round things out. Dizzy yet?

Maybe it's the endless heat of Saudi Arabia, maybe it's the spinning of Eggers's endlessly creative mind, or maybe it's just too much. For much, much better Eggers, read anything, and everything, else he has written.

About the Author
Dave Eggers is the bestselling author of Zeltouin, winner of the American Book Award and Dayton Literary Peace Prize. He was born in Boston, Ma. and is the author of the memoir A HEARTBREAKING WORK OF STAGGERING GENIUS. Eggers is known for his most recent work as a screenwriter. He currently lives in San Francisco.

The Book Review Section of the New York Times on Sunday, July 15th features an interesting Q and A with Eggers.
Also check out the review in the July 22nd edition.


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