Before I add these upcoming releases to the LOOK WHAT'S TRENDING feature (at the top of this blog) I wanted to get your attention. The following authors are my favorites...all with new books debuting in a few months...many already heralded by critics...Click on the Amazon Search Box in the sidebar to get summaries. (I'm breathless!)....

Here's a partial list: (In no particular order...)

NW by Zadie Smith                                     September 4, 2012
Sweet Tooth by Ian McEwan                         November  13, 2012
Back to Blood by Tom Wolfe                         October     23, 2012
Ancient Light by John Banville                       October     2, 2012
Flight Behavior by Barbara Kingsolver             November 6, 2012

On the sidebar, in alphabetical order is every title mentioned in this blog. Click on a title and the review will appear. (Ah,the wonders of technology)....

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