I like Donna Tart's  haircut. A little severe but nothing a good volumizer couldn't remedy. However, her new book THE GOLDFINCH  has too much "volume" and needs an editorial cut!  Overall blog readers found it "slowmoving  and overly descriptive" and that's a favorable comment.

I belong to a Facebook Book Group which consists of members worldwide but predominantly the UK. They always say it like it is...after all it's Facebook.

Below find a comment from one of the members.... 

THE GOLDFINCH by Donna Tartt

"With a stronger editor it could have been an enjoyable read – as it is, it seemed to me that the author was simply showcasing her (considerable) writing skills taking 784 pages to write what could have been so much better in 300 or so pages. For huge chunks of the book it was like listening to a bore droning on and on without getting to the point. This is the 51st book I have read (or in this case endured) this year and is by far the most disappointing, probably because I had such high hopes for it. I have been bored to sleep most nights after only 2/3 pages when I would normally read a few chapters. I actually feel like I have wasted a whole month of my precious reading time I started this on 5th November - After the first hundred or so pages - which were possibly over-descriptive but engrossing, I kept trudging through it probably because of the hype. I am finally admitting that I really don't care what happens either to the characters or the painting and removing it from my kindle - 2 stars from me!!"

And here's another comment from blog reader, Nancy B:

"After reading many of the comments on your blog about THE GOLDFINCH, I felt the need to voice my own. Yes, a 700+ page book caused me to be hesitant , but as I have always been a devotee of Tartt's previous books, I thought I'd give it a try and I am SO glad I did. Am loving the book - the plot, the characters that tend to leap off the pages, the NYC sights and sounds and so much more of which I could elaborate, but I'm no spoiler. Possibly, some of the criticism may be coming from readers who, unfamiliar with NYC, may not be interested in the descriptions of the City and allusions to some of its locales.

But for me, it's all about the marvelous characters and the growth. Donna Tartt is truly a masterful writer - it is a joy to revel in every page of The Goldfinch."

What Do I Think?
Yes, there are some good reviews out there. Everyone agrees Tartt is a skillful writer and many called her "Dickensian"....a compliment, I presume.
Some readers have called it a masterpiece...compelling and hypnotic...

I think I'll wait for her next book...Or maybe I'll just focus on her funky haircut! Or maybe I'll give it a try. It's resting comfortably on my kindle...




  1. I wanted to read this but I just couldn't face into nearly 800 pages. I don't think any story (no matter how complex or amazing) needs that many pages!

    1. I agree!! And most people I know who have read Goldfinch felt it was unnecessarily long. She is such a great author...I had high hopes for this book.....