With all that's been written about the 2012 Presidental primaries and the election, one would think there was not much left to say.  So not true!

Mark Halperin and John Heilemann have lots more info to offer in DOUBLE DOWN, a book that many critics have labeled "the best political read in years." 

Gary S. is the nonfiction reviewer, politcal pundit on my blog and his astute comments below will elaborate on this "behind the scenes" glimpse into all the insider action. (And who doesn't like a little insider action?...)



Gary S. writes:

I really liked Double Down! If you liked Game Change (about the 2008 Presidential election), then you will like the sequel about the 2012 election. Initially I thought the book was too long in certain sections, but as I got half way through, it really grabbed my attention.

The authors portray an 'in the room' approach to private meetings with candidates, donors and spouses—with direct quotes of conversations or quotes from private emails, which was really interesting. The book is great at breaking down the election as a war—with generals (campaign managers), weapons (money) and intelligence (polling data).

My favorite parts were the strategy sessions preparing for the Presidential debates—and how Obama almost blew it in Denver at the first debate.

Despite the accolades for the book, I think it will have limited appeal because, unlike the 2008 election, the characters in 2012 were less colorful. In 2012, there was no Sara Palin or John Edwards to entertain us, so we had to rely on Michelle Bachman and Herman Cain, and they dropped out too early to gain traction in the book. 

I think DOUBLE DOWN will appeal to those who are political junkies (ok, that's me) and those that were pleased Romney lost (yup, that's me too). It's sort of like reading a book about your favorite sports team. You have to like sports—and of course only if your team won the championship.


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  1. Hi Joyce and Gary -I just finished this myself and I will be putting up a post myself later in the week. I agree with most everything above. I too am a political junkie and this book is definitely for us!

    1. I just read your review. Unfortunately I couldn't leave a comment for some reason...but I wanted to let you know I thoroughly enjoyed your take on the book...Always on target and enjoyable..you and the book!
      It's a good read .. I too love that inside info...and yes, very informative on all levels!

  2. I'll look forward to reading your impressions..I loved Game Change..so this was a good follow up...