I just upgraded my Kindle for the third time. I now have the newest version of the Kindle Paperwhite. Did you know you can gift someone with e-books or a Kindle directly from this blog?

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The following book suggestions are December releases, all recommended by a variety of editors and book critics. ( I assume they know their stuff...) Add them to your gift list, travel list or "to be read" list.


MY MISTAKE By Daniel Menaker

A longtime New Yorker editor and the former executive editor-in-chief at Random House, Menaker could be forgiven if his memoir were a celebration of his many accomplishments. Instead, in this wry and touching look back at this life (which he was prompted to write after being diagnosed with lung cancer), he freely admits his missteps and shows how he persevered despite setbacks. From the untimely death of his only brother—for which he felt responsible—to his often hilarious dealings with New Yorker colleagues, Menaker offers an honest and revealing look at a literary life.


Baxter's widely praised debut novel follows an unnamed American narrator as he searches for an apartment in a snowy European city (also unnamed). The story takes place on a single, bitterly cold day in December, as the narrator—a U.S. Navy veteran who worked as a contractor in Iraq—traverses the foreign city with the help of a local acquaintance, Saskia. Told in quietly powerful prose and punctuated with flashbacks and anecdotes, the novel has the feel of an allegory, one that raises important questions about American power in the world and the relentless pull of memory.

INNOCENCE By Dean Koontz

In Koontz's mesmerizing and poetic new thriller, two loners meet late one night in the reading room of a city library. Fleeing a violent pursuer who may have murdered her father, Gwyneth rushes into the library stacks and encounters Addison, a horribly deformed 26-year-old who ventures out into the city only at night. Linked by their status as outcasts, the two will lead readers on a riveting and fantastical journey that pits good against evil, hope against despair. Innocence is one of Koontz's most satisfying stand-alones, a genre-bending, atmospheric blend of suspense and morality tale.

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