It's not coming out until May and if you're a Louise Erdich fan, it's worth the wait!  What an interesting premise....another compelling read by this prize winning author..By the way, I've never liked her books...but may try this one...Keep tuned....

La Rose by Louise Erdrich

Paul Emmell


Louise Erdrich’s stunning new novel LaRose opens with an unforgivable tragedy: In the summer of 1999, a North Dakota man accidentally shoots and kills his neighbor’s youngest son — a boy who is also his own son’s best friend. In penance, he gives up his son LaRose to the grief-stricken neighbor’s family. Luminous and deeply affecting, LaRose examines the fragile bond between two heartbroken families and the complexities of justice, loss, healing, and redemption.(Buzzfeed.com)

On January 12th, THE LIGHTKEEPERS, a debut  novel by Abby Geni was released. It's without a doubt a page turning mystery and critics were impressed with the superb writing style and original format. 


Abby Geni’s debut novel The Lightkeepers is as wild as the landscape it describes: A nature photographer embarks on a one-year residency in an isolated, dangerous archipelago of islands off the Californian coast, only to encounter violence and a set of companions she cannot trust. Mysterious, vivid, and original, The Lightkeepers will quickly ensnare readers in its cruelly beautiful world.(Buzzfeed.com)

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