If Stephen King recommends this thriller it must be good...Right?!? Actually it sounds like a welcome departure from a lot of the disappointing books I've been reading. Critics called The Poison Artist by Jonathan Moore "a unique and fast paced psychological thriller that keeps the reader guessing right up to the end."  At the very least, it belongs on my super long TBR LIST.......

Here's what said....


The Poison Artist

Stephen King called this thriller by Jonathan Moore“terrifying,” so consider yourself warned. Toxicologist Caleb Maddox is not having a good night. His girlfriend threw a glass tumbler at his head during a fight that effectively ended their relationship. He’s nursing his wounds (literally and figuratively) at a bar when he catches sight of a mysterious woman named Emmeline. They talk in hushed and seductive tones, but she leaves before he can find out more about her. But when he goes to search for her the next day, he gets caught up in the hunt for a murderer who is using poison to kill. As he hunts for both the serial killer and the seductress, Caleb’s world begins to unravel.

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