We've heard the nightmarish tales of celebrity children. In this case, author Juan Thompson's life ended up nothing like that of his parents.  His father, famous author...or infamous as some would say, was Gonzo journalist Hunter S. Thompson.

From the beginning, it's very clear this is an honest and heartfelt depiction of his addicted and dysfunctional parents....a touching memoir....definetly worth reading...

Here's a description from

Stories I Tell Myself

Have you ever wondered what it was like growing up with Hunter S. Thompson as a father? Wonder no longer. Here, his son Juan Thompson describes the growth of their relationship and how they reforged a strong father-son bond after a period of anger and silence. Juan’s childhood was far from normal and readers won’t find themselves bored with stories of LSD parties, motorcycle rides, and Hells Angels. But what is even more engaging is the story of a boy growing into a man and finding common ground with his father. There were moments of fear and loathing, but in the end there was also love.

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