Get a jump on what's new in 2016....Read something that's not your norm, read more thoughtfully...try new genres...Read something you think you'll hate..

Here's some suggestions from Bookpage.com

The Readers of Broken Wheel Recommend
By Katarina Bival

Already a bestseller in the author’s native Sweden, this is the kind of story most book lovers will find irresistible. After two years of corresponding with an elderly resident of tiny Broken Wheel, Iowa, Sara Lindqvist makes the trip from Sweden only to discover that her pen pal has died, leaving behind a large collection of books. Sara's efforts to put the books to good use—and connect with the townspeople of Broken Wheel—is a touching homage to small-town life and the power of reading.

American Housewife cover

American Housewife
By Helen Ellis

Ellis serves up a perfectly seasoned story collection that reveals the darker side of domesticity. Told in a range of styles and voices, these stories include an unforgettable introduction to a book club—narrated in a manic monologue that recalls Dorothy Parker—and the pointedly hilarious “Southern Lady Code.” Readers will enjoy getting lost in this surreal, sensationally funny set of stories.

The following book titled The Portable Veblen is something I typically wouldn't read, but giving it a try...stay tuned.....
Portable Veblen cover

The Portable Veblen
By Elizabeth McKenzie

A book that takes the name of its leading character from economist Thorstein Veblen, who created the concept of “conspicuous consumption,” might sound like a bit of a slog. But this quirky novel is anything but, as indicated by that perky squirrel on the cover. The squirrel takes up residence in the home of our heroine, Veblen, a free spirit who is newly engaged to an ambitious young doctor. When Veblen decides that the squirrel is trying to communicate with her, the story takes off into uncharted—and often hilarious—territory.

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