I tend not to read books that will sadden me or throw me into a depression. (I don't need books for that!) The Swan family image above makes me happy, as opposed to the title of THE END OF YOUR LIFE BOOK CLUB by Will Schwalbe.  

Recently a friend, J from Dedham, sent an email titled "A very interesting read." referring to the above book. I trust her opinion as she is a constant reader and we seem to agree on book choices.

In THE END OF YOUR LIFE BOOK CLUB, Will Schwalbe writes about his truly heroic and accomplished mother who is diagnosed with Stage 4 Cancer.

The time spent with her as she received treatments is focused on reading and discussing books...a secret book club for two.  It's a memoir of sorts, and Schwalbe is able to show readers, through the varied book choices, the impact of his mother's life on himself and so many others.

You know the ending, but some readers felt it wasn't a sad story. They stated it was a "book about books"..and "feelings expressed through books" shared by a mother and son. Every review I read was excellent and it's already a best seller. 

I'm not going to read THE END OF YOUR LIFE BOOK CLUB, but many of you probably should.  One reviewer summed it up when she said, "It's a wonderful book about wonderful books and mothers and sons and the enduring braid between them."

J of Dedham sent the following comment:

A true gem of a read for book lovers, The End of Your Life Book Club by Will Schwalbe satisfies the readers need on many levels. Multi level facets of family relationships combine with sheer admiration for the main character and her determined efforts to go forward no matter what may get in the way. The number of books discussed in this story was amazing ! I have already begun to read one of the books and plan to read several others.


Will Schwalbe and his mother, Mary Anne Schwalbe


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