For the mystery lovers out there, many new releases are debuting. Everything from James Patterson, Brad Meltzer to Ruth Rendell are sure to keep you on the edge of your seat.  They're all suspense filled, historical, or psychological...take your pick!

I'm currently reading The Child's Child by Barbara Vine, the pseudonym for prizewinning British mystery writer, Ruth Rendell. It's slow moving but absorbing and I find myself engrossed in this "novel within a novel."

Private Berlin by James Patterson received mixed reviews. One critic felt "the quality of writing is not the same since he started collaborating with other authors." However, Patterson's fans will love the twists and turns so typical of a Patterson suspense thriller.

Jonathan Kellerman is debuting a dark pschological thriller called Guilt. A series of shocking events occur in an upscale L.A. neighborhood and of course brilliant psychologist, Alex Delaware
is on the scene. I read an excerpt and can't wait for the February release. ( L. A. Neighborhoods always pique my interest..)

The Fifth Assassin by Brad Meltzer asks the question "What if all four of the presidents who were assasinated in office were part of an ongoing conspiracy?" This novel combines U. S. history mixed with fictional intrigue and a stunning plot. However be prepared to commit to 600 pages...

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