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Twice a month I send out a blog update. Some blog readers may press "delete"( You know who you are!) and others thankfully occasionally respond! 

This week JOANN B from Boston responded and recommended Far From the Tree by Andrew Solomon

JOANN B wrote "No one should pass through life without reading this book. It's wise as it is painful."

The premise in Far From The Tree, written by award winning author, Andrew Solomon is "How do we raise children who are profoundly different than we are?" Solomon began researching
this book twelve years ago when he realized that disabilities are actually "unique gifts."

He focuses on his own personal background as well as including a multitude of moving stories about families faced with raising children different than they expected them to be.


At 700 pages, (that go by very quickly) reviewers called it a "compelling read and a personal examination of the role of parenthood."



BEV G along with J.B. of the West Hartford Bookies emailed the following opinions regarding the novel, SWIMMING HOME by Deborah Levy.

Here's a segment of their comments:

J. B.
.....We get intimate (too much so in the opinion of some bookies) portrayals of mental illness, painful Holocaust echoes, the indignities of aging and the bravado of confused adolescence.
Even the minor characters in this theatrical book, though less fully developed, are rendered sympathetically and are funny and sad at the same time.
We all think SWIMMING HOME would make a good movie.

We had a fantastic discussion. Several of our members did not like the characters. Others simply didn't understand it and those of us who really appreciated the book, read it twice and felt that it was well worth the effort. It is a great book club selection as it leads to many discussion possibilities........

Here are my comments from (12/23/12)
SWIMMING HOME by Deborah Levy

I felt like a detached observer throughout this small novel. It's a convoluted story of people on holiday when a stranger unexpectedly joins them...complications can imagine the rest..

Written by British playwright, Deborah Levy, SWIMMING HOME was shortlisted for the Man Booker Prize. I couldn't wait to read this novel but found it disappointing and predictable in spite of its well written prose. (Yes, it is definetly film-worthy.)


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