SO WHAT'S NEW? (01/30/2013)

I'm half way through The Art Forger by B. A. Shapiro, the story based on an unsolved art heist at a Boston museum. The author weaves a fascinating tale, but I think you'll enjoy it even more if you have an interest in art. You'll certainly gain an appreciation about "how paintings are made."

So what else is new in books?
For starters, I've weeded out two that look interesting and to quote the NY Times, these are definetly "New and Noteworthy."

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HABITS Of THE HOUSE by Faye Weldon

If you're hooked on Downton Abbey, author Faye Weldon wrote the pilot for the iconic series, Upstairs, Downstairs. In Habits of the House, British aristocracy and a mansion full of maids and butlers contribute to a story of manners and morals with a dash of mystery and mischief, British style.

NEWS FROM HEAVEN by Jennifer Haigh

This is a collection of short stories "that rove across time and cultures." Characters are vivid and inner most feelings are deftly revealed. These interconnected stories are inspired by the people living in a Pennsylvania coal-mining town. 

Jennifer Haigh is the author of four critically acclaimed novels and  the recipient of many prestigious awards. 

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