"I like to learn things as well as be entertained. For example, reading about the Lincoln Assasination
 I realized there was a parallel to what we experienced during 9/11. I particularly like reading about politics, financial crisis and scandals...also American  history and World War 2.
Here's what I am currently reading:

THE END by Ian Kershaw.
This is a detailed story about how the Nazi Party was able to fight (using organization and terror) to the very end and how Hitler was able to rule and issue orders even though the war was lost. It's not a Holocaust story or a military story ...but how a small group could dominate a nation until the bitter end.

ONCE UPON A CAR by Bill Vlasic
I recommend this book to  my clients. It's based on hundreds of interviews and goes behind the scenes of GM, Ford and Chrysler. It has a "real- time" feel  and lots of suspense even though you know the outcome.

BOOMERANG by Michael Lewis
Lewis highlights the absurd(but true)things that financial markets have taken as credible. This book is an excellent history of the financial crisis. His first book was Liar's Poker written about 25 years ago and if you were to read it now, you would realize that the seeds of  our current financial crisis were planted back in the 80's.

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