THE MARRIAGE PLOT  BY  JEFFREY EUGENIDES                                               
 I've loved this author(maybe that's a little strong) ever since I read Middlesex (which won the Pulitzer) many years ago.The Marriage Plot is a story about being young, bright and lost. It's a disarming novel about love and discovery..written beautifully.... although a lot of  "endless particulars"!!

RULES OF CIVILITY   BY AMOR TOWLES                                                           
I can't believe this is a first novel for Amor Towles!  Rules of Civility is witty and smart with unforgettable       characters living in a priviledged world! Set in New York in the late 30's the novel follows three friends          through a year of exciting and tragic adventures. Towles is witty and spectacular at descriptions. You  are quickly transported to another time and place. Maybe even wanting a Martini immediately!!!

 PLEASE LOOK AFTER MOM  BY  SHIN KYUNG-SOOK                                      
This book may make you gain a new sense of appreciation for everything you took for granted about your mother...or not!!!  Great story about family dynamics and relationships. Beautifully written by an eminent Korean author. I really loved this book!

THE INVISIBLE BRIDGE   BY JULIE ORRINGER                                                        
A first novel and a great achievement! This 600 page epic is a tale of war-torn lovers and survival of the luckiest...heartbreaking and moving..a holocaust page-turner..I couldn't put it down!!

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  1. I loved Rules of Civility! I thought the writing was just beautiful and the characters were compelling. I didn't think about this as I was reading, but looking back on it I see parallels to The Great Gatsby.