BOOK GROUP BUZZ ( 11/10/11)

Book groups shed light on so many wonderful books and also many not so wonderful!! Are your book discussions exciting and sprited?  Does someone never shut up? What's unique about your group? Let me know.!
My college friend, Nancy lives on Cape Cod  and is a member of a couples book group. In some cases that really other cases it can work like a bad marriage!  In her case, she says her group is a "great mix of interesting people" and these are her recommendations:

A GOOD FALL by HA JIN....I mentioned this prize winning author in an earlier post.  The Good Fall is a collection of  12 short stories set in Flushing, New York which is one of New York's largest Chinese immigrant communities.  It is based on the immigrant experience told with simplicity, great incite, and paints a true picture of a neighborhood and a people.

FOR ALL THE TEA IN CHINA (How England Stole the World's Favorite Drink and Changed History) by SARAH ROSE   (NON FICTION)
A lively account of the adventures of Robert Fortune's acquisition of Chinese tea seedlings for transplanting in British India.  A true story delivered  in a riviting style combines history, adventure and great storytelling!

An amazing story of Gertrude Bell, the subject of this biography. A Victorian woman, Bell traveled to the Arab world and became extremely influential during World War 1.  She  was highly respected by the most prominent Arab sheiks and became a major figure in modern day Iraq.

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