This week I am highlighting another unknown author who has written a book definitely worth noting.  If you are a political junkie and you crave a good novel, overflowing with political intrigue and mystery, you'll be happily overwhelmed.

The author, Vinay Kolhatkar takes you on an exciting and unforgettable journey in this provocative novel titled THE FRANKENSTEIN CANDIDATE.

You may not have heard of Vinay Kolhatkar but his resume is impressive and reviewers have drawn parallels to Alan Drury of Advise and Consent fame.


Vinay Kolhatkar (above) has written screenplays for film and television. He also has extensive experience in the world of high finance holding a Master's Degree from University of New South Wales.

He studied creative writing at the National Institute of Dramatic Art in Sydney, Australia. Later, he studied screenwriting at ScreenwritingU in Los Angeles and at the Story Department in Sydney.

After losing patience with the inane banalities and rhetoric of political campaigns, he decided to write a satirical thriller exposing such practises in a fictional setting. His keen insight in US politics combined with his screenwriting skills resulted in this debut novel.

The result is a purely fictional story with an authentic ring to it. THE FRANKENSTEIN CANDIDATE provokes, educates and entertains, all at the same time.


Senator Olivia Allen—brilliant and beautiful—signs onto the Democratic presidential ticket, unaware of powerful forces that seek either to control her or destroy her.

Her opponents are Frank Kenneth Stein, a billionaire who would rather be
forthright than President, and Quentin Kirby, the power-hungry, Republican Vice President.

As the campaign advances toward an electrifying climax, their brutal maneuvers play out against a backdrop of national crises. Hyperinflation looms and bloody riots sweep the country.

For Olivia, however, the greatest perils lie in the corridors of Washington power, as she finds herself becoming a mere pawn in a deadly game of entrapment, blackmail, and assassination. Can she turn the tables—ensuring America’s survival as well as her own?

Vinay Kolhatkar welcomes reader interaction. He can be contacted at
He can also be contacted at Linkedin, Facebook, or through the Facebook page of THE FRANKENSTEIN CANDIDATE where
visitors are welcome to start a discussion.

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