COSSACKS IN PARIS by Jeffrey Perren is an historical novel written by an unknown author on his way to becoming notable, hopefully! This novel joins the ranks of undiscovered talent that should be getting our attention. I'm hoping to achieve that goal.

COSSACKS IN PARIS is set in Napoleonic France, between 1812 and 1814. As one reviewer said "It's a ripping good yarn.."
History buffs will appreciate the setting and Romanticists will appreciate the plot.

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COSSACKS IN PARIS by Jeffrey Perren

Rebellious Breutier Armande, a rising young civil engineer in Paris, is drafted into the Grande Armeé on the eve of Napoleon's 1812 Russian campaign. His must carry out espionage mission in St. Petersburg, where he meets Kaarina, a Finnish mathematician and daughter of the counselor to Tsar Alexander I.

The pair soon fall in love — but Kaarina is betrothed to Agripin, a vicious Cossack and a favorite of the Tsar. When she refuses him, Agripin kidnaps her, aided by Kaarina's envious twin sister, Kaisa, and a battle is set between the two men. Breutier deserts Napoleon's army and faces prosecution for treason. Dodging the vengeance of the world's most powerful rulers sends him on a perilous quest to hunt down the era's most ruthless Cossack.

Interweaving the characters' personal dramas with the historical wars in Europe of the following two years forms the core of the story. The novel climaxes at the moment when, for the first time in 400 years, foreign armies invaded France, leaving behind Cossacks in Paris.


Jeffrey Perren wrote his first short story at age 12 and went on to win the Bank of America Fine Arts award at age 17. Since then he has published at award-winning sites and magazines from the U.S. to New Zealand. He lives in Sandpoint, Idaho with his wife. With her he shares a love for Golden Retrievers and keeps a healthy friendship with a neighborhood Belgian Shepherd.

"Cossacks In Paris" was his first published novel. He released in August, 2013 "Death Is Overrated" a mystery novel set in contemporary UK.



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