I hate to say it but Jeffrey Deaver's new book, THE OCTOBER LIST got some very mixed reviews. The story unravels from end to beginning, an unusual twist for Deaver.

If the premise appeals to you, reviewers say you'll need to be fully invested. If you're a reader who likes to check the last page first, this book is for you.


Jeffery Deaver’s ambitious new thriller, THE OCTOBER LIST, is told in reverse order, making it a unique --- and very powerful --- book. Gabriela’s six-year-old daughter, Sarah, has been kidnapped, and the only chance to get her back is to complete two tasks sent to her in mysterious instructions: pony up half a million dollars and find a document known as the “October List.”

She has 30 hours, and every tick of the clock --- and turn of the page --- brings a twist to her journey, all leading up to a shocking revelation. Joe Hartlaub has our review and says, "[Y]ou’ll want to make time to read the book at least three times: once for the pure surprise and enjoyment of your first encounter with it, once to see how Deaver did it ('it' being how he resolved every single dangling element in the book), and once to…well, just because you will want to."

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