John Grisham is back once again (so what else is new?). This time he's accompanied by some characters from his 90's blockbuster novel, A TIME TO KILL.

Is SYCAMORE ROW a sequel? Not quite, but for fans and followers it's a keeper. Take it on vacation, take it to bed, just take it....Grisham fans are insatiable...

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Here's a brief synopsis of SYCAMORE ROW:

The characters from “A Time to Kill” and the courthouse in Clanton, Mississippi are back in John Grisham’s latest legal thriller. Controversial trails are becoming Jake Brigance’s specialty as he finds himself caught in the middle of a case that will rip apart the community of Ford County and its very tragic and raciest history.

This particular trial revolves around a one Seth Hubbard, a very well to-do man who decides to hang himself from a sycamore tree rather than die the slow painful death caused by lung cancer. There’s only one hitch – before he commits suicide, he quickly writes a new will naming his black maid the new recipient of nearly all of his considerable assets. (



  1. I have been wanting to read John Grisham for a while, just never get the time. I have A Time to Kill on my kindle :)

  2. He's a very prolific author...He churns out books continuously...all intriguing and usually best sellers. A Time to Kill is a good one..Let me know what you think....