WHAT AM I READING? (07/10/2013)

I am almost finished with AND THE MOUNTAINS ECHOED by Khaled Hosseini and it's a good read. Similar in feeling to THE KITERUNNER by Hosseini, although a bit contrived, it was ultimately an uplifting novel.

Here's what Bookreporter.com had to say:

"AND THE MOUNTAINS ECHOED is Khaled’s strongest book --- and I was happy to hear him agree; he feels it is his “most polished,” which is a good phrase to describe it. He spoke about the heart of the book being the relationship between a brother and a sister and how their separation is the beating heart of the story. He talked about how class comes into play in all of his books --- the difference between affluence and abject poverty. He also spoke about his desire to write about the world beyond Afghanistan in his upcoming work. "


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