LOVE IT OR HATE IT (06/18/2013)

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This week marks the release of Chris Bohjalian’s new novel, THE LIGHT IN THE RUINS, which opens in 1943 and introduces us to the Rosatis. This Italian family of noble lineage believes that the walls of their ancient villa will keep them safe from the war raging across Europe. But when two soldiers arrive at the villa, their bucolic tranquility is shattered. Twelve years later, Serafina Bettini, an investigator with the Florence police department, is assigned to a gruesome new case --- a serial killer targeting the Rosatis, murdering the remnants of the family one-by-one in cold blood. She finds herself digging into a past that involves both the victims and her own tragic history.

BOOKREPORTER.COM is responsible for the above remarks. Chris Bohjalian is not one of my favorite authors, although I liked MIDWIVES (2009). This new novel is part historical fiction and part thriller..a good combination. Readers and reviewers are "enthralled" with his writing and story telling. I hope they're right!


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