My favorite reviewer at The New York Times is Janet Maslin. Her recent review of Bobcat and Other Stories by Rebecca Lee caught my attention. I don't usually read short stories but this collection, one taking place over dinner sounded palatable (sorry....) or maybe because I'm still recovering from The Dinner by Herman Koch, it appeals to me.

Here's what Janet Maslin had to say:

"Rebecca Lee shows how far she can push the boundaries of so-called civilized behavior by opening “Bobcat,” her mesmerizingly strange new short-story collection, with an elaborate dinner party. The hostess and narrator has made a terrine, and even that showy culinary effort carries a whiff of violence. And it is mentioned on the first page of the title story, well before the night’s serious maiming has begun...."

Here's what two blog readers said:

"These seven short stories read like novellas....Lee covers lots of territory writing...not to be missed!"

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