My book group consists of academics, college professors, an economist, a theatrical director, writers.... and me. The worst books can magically evolve into fabulous and meaningful stories because of their interpretations

  WHEN WOMEN WERE BIRDS by Terry Tempest Williams was our last book..about a woman that took custody of her late mother's journals and found them blank. So confusing, until the leader, Betsy S, who occasionally writes on this blog, led us to some understanding and enlightenment.

THE YELLOW BIRDS by Kevin Powers is the latest selection. I probably would not have chosen this book. Who wants to read about the effects of post-combat syndrome?

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  Powers' writing is rythmic and raw and I can literally feel the after effects of this war. He is an Iraq veteran so everything rings true. I just read that he's now a poet...not surprising. The prose is fluid and vivid.

  Do I like this book?....Why do both choices have birds in the title?.....To be continued....

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