Have you been waiting for a really good, sink your teeth into Historical read? Nathaniel Philbrick once again gives the history buff a throughly researched, driving narrative about the Battle of Boston titled Bunker Hill.

Here's what Jean-Paul Adriaansen on Goodreads said:

What a masterful account! Philbrick gives us a very detailed and honest account of what really happened before, during, and after the Battle of Bunker Hill.

He brings this story without the usual patriotic brouhaha but he shows all the participants as human beings, sometimes heroic and glorious, sometimes greedy and petty. Witness how some discontent evolves in a full revolution; witness how George Washington grew to be the General as we know him; witness the dilemma for rebels, loyalists, and British officers alike in those civil-war-like circumstances.
History at its best!


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  1. I really need to put this one on my TBR. The American Revolutionary War era is my biggest interest. This one seems irresistible. Based on Jean-Paul Adriaansen it sounds as if this one is not just about battle but how it played into the Revolution.

  2. Actually the reviews have been mixed. This particular reader was very enthusiastic and I think History lovers will find this book a great read. Philbrick is a wonderful author, a stickler for details and has an easy engaging style. let me know what you think.