I was first attracted to this novel because of the unique cover art..but you know the tired but often true saying.."You can't tell a book by its cover." I anticipated a story of "love, family and motherhood" that was sure to be either too painful, a tearjerker or just plain mush...but according to my college friend Nancy B. it's none of the aforementioned....quite the opposite.

Nancy B. wrote:

I'm loving Jennifer Gilmore's new novel, "The Mothers". Her third published work is about a young childless couple going through the painful and convoluted path of the open adoption process.

There is both poignancy and humor in this new novel which is very different from Gilmore's other two works of fiction, "Golden Country" and "Something Red" both of which were on the NY Times list of notable books...

Also you can catch an interesting conversation online between Jennifer Gilmore and Meg Wolitzer. Wolitzer's book, The Interestings is next on my list.


Conversation Between Meg Wolitzer and Jennifer Gilmore:

BOOK ALERT.............
In an earlier post I mentioned The Interestings by Meg Wolitzer.  I am halfway through and finding it a totally absorbing read...great characters, ironic and witty banter and a detailed storyline..Can't wait to get back to it....

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