The Arrangement By Sarah  Dunne was addictive and unputdownable! Not that is was so good, but it's a fun social commentary with great characters and a believable storyline. To put it simply, it's a lighthearted look at a dark subject. Take it on vacation or's a Lifetime Movie waiting to happen!

On a more serious note, check out the following review of another Spring release from

THE TWELVE LIVES OF SAMUEL HAWLEY by Hannah Tinti (Literary Thriller)
Audiobook available, read by Elizabeth Wiley
A loner who spent years living on the run, Samuel Hawley raised his daughter, Loo, on the road, always watching his back. Now that Loo is a teenager, Hawley wants only to give her a normal life. In his late wife’s hometown, he finds work as a fisherman, while Loo struggles to fit in at the local high school. She also grows more and more curious about the death of the mother she never knew. Soon, everywhere she turns, she encounters the mysteries of her parents’ lives before she was born. As Loo uncovers a history that’s darker than she could have known, the demons of her father’s past spill over into the present --- and together both Hawley and Loo must face a reckoning yet to come. Reviewed by Sarah Rachel Egelman.


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