Anna Quindlen is a prize winning author and I can't wait to read her latest book titled Miller's Valley.
She recently posted this note on, a site for avid readers. If you're not a member, join now...

Anna Quindlen's birthday is the same day as my mother's...maybe that's why I feel a kinship with her writings...

Dear Reader,
Sometimes readers ask me what happened afterwards: after the last chapter, the last sentence. What happened to Robert after  Black and Blue was over? I always say the same thing: I leave when you do. What I know about these people is in these pages.
I left Miller’s Valley some months ago, when I read it through one last time, got to the last sentence, “I still need to breathe,” and stopped. I hate to reread my own work—all I can see are the motes, not the light—but I find a last sentence very satisfying, particularly since I always know it when it’s arrived. Bang, like the sound of a door slamming shut.
The great thing about pub day is that I get to return to Miller’s Valley, to reprise its themes, its settings, and its fantastic characters, whom I really miss. And I get to hear what readers see in it all. Sometimes I think I learn as much from hearing people discuss my work as I do by creating it. A book is a conversation: until pub date I’ve only heard one side, and it’s always interesting to finally hear the other.
I can’t wait to hear what you all think of Miller’s Valley.

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