I love to receive comments from blog readers. Recently I received emails from two interesting women who are enthusiastic and intrepid readers. Their opinions are definitely worth noting.

Hi Joyce,
Glad to get your blog again. I have to recommend the French author Michel Houellebecq's Submission. It is the rage in France. It deals with timely issues of ethnic differences, racism, feminism, immigrants, Muslim threat and is both satirical and comic.  The crux of the book is the loss of meaning and values  in society. I suggest it!
Evelyn K.

      Over the winter I read Elena Ferrante’s Neapolitan series. The second third and fourth books were outstanding - the first “My Brilliant Friend”  was not as good  -  unlike the others, it rambled.
At the moment I'm 200 pages into Garth Hallberg’s  800+ page, “City of Fire” and am absolutely loving it. Of course it will take forever to read it.

       You may be interested to know that the towns of the lower Cape are having a community read with multiple discussions of Atul Gawande’s  book “Being Mortal”  It is a “must” read, especially for our generation.
             Am looking forward to some recommendations from your blog to add to my list of future reads.
Nancy B.

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