Who doesn't love the Beatles? Author Candy Leonard is a first generation Beatle fan and her new release Beatleness is available now on Amazon. This detailed memoir is based on hours of interviews with first generation fans combined with a backdrop of the tumultuous times we experienced during their reign. Beatleness is for anyone who appreciates pop culture and history...Beatle fan or not...You wont be able to "Let It Be".

 BEATLENESS by Candy Leonard
Between 1964 and 1970 the Beatles presented a nonstop deluge of sounds, words, images, and ideas, transforming the childhood and adolescence of millions of baby boomers. Beatleness  shows how the band became a source of emotional, intellectual, aesthetic, and spiritual nurturance in fans’ lives, creating a relationship that was historically unique. Looking at that relationship against the backdrop of the sexual revolution, the Vietnam War, political assassinations, and other events of those tumultuous years, the book critically examines the often-heard assertion that the Beatles “changed everything” and shows how—through the interplay between the group, the fans, and the culture—that change came about.

A generational memoir and cultural history based on hundreds of hours of in-depth interviews with first-generation fans, Beatleness allows readers to experience—or re-experience—what it was like to be a young person during those transformative years.  Not only for hard core fans, Beatleness will appeal to anyone interested in American history, pop music, and the power of popular culture.

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About the Author

Candy Leonard is a sociologist with a background in qualitative research, child development, popular culture, and media studies. She is also a first-generation Beatle fan, intimately familiar with their entire body of work, biography, commentary, and fan culture, and has written and lectured on the Beatles. She lives in Cambridge, MA.

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