I've been plodding through Anna Quindlen's new book STILL LIFE AND BREADCRUMBS. I've always been a fan of her books but this one keeps putting me to sleep. It's predictable and schmaltzy...middle aged woman (doesn't look her age,of course), divorced, younger man appears, rescues her in a blizzard, she shows her gratitude and a lot more... Hopefully things will improve and I won't keep thinking I'm reading Bridges of Madison County...(Update..abandoned..)

I'm also reading Harlan Coben's new book MISSING YOU.  His books are always "heart-pounding thrillers" that keep you on the edge of your seat until the predictable end.....or sometimes not so predictable.  This one  is a gritty cop drama with a serious love interest...and a lot going on...I'll  keep you posted.

Just started THE GOOD LUCK OF RIGHT NOW by Matthew Quick, the author of SILVER LINING PLAYBOOK...Quirky and strange so far..a story about an "oddball." (Reserving opinion..)





Gary S. reviews Business and Non-Fiction on this blog. He's just started FLASH BOYS (released this week) by Michael Lewis.  It's a lively read focusing on a small group of Wall Street guys who figure out the market has been rigged... Great characters, three dimensional story, and Michael Lewis mercilessly targets the big banks, high frequency trading firms and exposes the many ways Wall Street generates profits. (Sounds scary...)

Watch for an upcoming review.

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